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Shell Unleaded E10

What is Shell Unleaded E10?

Shell Unleaded E10 is a quality unleaded fuel with up to 10% ethanol. Shell Unleaded E10 has a minimum 94 octane rating and contains the Shell Fuel Economy Formula which is designed to take you further by keeping your engine clean and reducing friction.*

Why should I use Shell Unleaded E10?

Shell Unleaded E10 contains up to 10% ethanol, a renewable fuel component that helps reduce Greenhouse gas emissions. By using ethanol, we can replace refined, mineral base petroleum products. The use of ethanol in fuels also helps to reduce the benzene and sulphur contents of the fuel and this too can be beneficial to the environment.

Where can I buy it?

Shell Unleaded E10 is currently available at selected Coles Express service stations along the east coast of Australia.

You can find out if your local Coles Express supplies Shell Unleaded E10 by using the advanced options in the Coles Express Store locator and selecting the Shell fuel type Unleaded E10.

FAQ's -  Shell Unleaded E10

Is E10 safe for my car?

The Australian car industry has reassured drivers that E10 fuels are safe for 10% ethanol-blend compatible vehicles and will not affect warranties. While most new and many older vehicles can safely run on Shell Unleaded E10, Shell recommends that customers should follow their vehicle manufacturer's recommendations on which fuel to use. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries website also indicates which vehicles are suitable for fuels that contain ethanol and we encourage you to visit this site.

For information on pre-1986 cars please refer to your car's manufacturer.

What is the octane rating of Shell Unleaded E10?

Shell Unleaded E10 has a minimum 94 octane rating, much higher than the Federal Government mandated minimum of 91 octane for regular unleaded fuels. If your car requires a fuel with a minimum 95 octane rating, we recommend you use Shell Unleaded 95 or Shell V-Power with a 98 octane rating. Where these are not available, Shell Premium Unleaded, available in WA, NT and TAS, is a suitable alternative.  

Will I get the same fuel efficiency from an ethanol blended fuel compared to regular unleaded?

Ethanol has a lower energy value than regular petrol, however when ethanol is blended into petrol at 10%, its effect on fuel efficiency is reduced proportionally. However, driving style and driving conditions will have a greater impact on fuel economy than the presence of 10% ethanol. Shell Unleaded E10 contains Shell's exclusive Fuel Economy Formula, which is designed to help improve fuel economy by reducing efficiency losses caused by engine deposits and friction.*

Check out our Fuel Economy Tips section for hints and tips on driving techniques to help save fuel.

Can I switch between Shell Unleaded E10 and other grades of unleaded petrol?

Yes, but customers should always follow the advice of their vehicle manufacturer as to which fuels to use in their car. 

Why have you replaced Shell Unleaded 95 with Shell Unleaded E10 at my local Coles Express service station?

We aim to offer you the best range of fuels that deliver better performance, more fuel economy and benefit to the environment. At some sites we are not able to offer both Shell Unleaded E10 and Shell Unleaded 95 as there are not enough storage tanks to stock all products.

Current Shell Unleaded 95 customers looking for the increased performance that comes from a higher octane fuel can choose to fill up with Shell V-Power. At 98 octane, Shell V-Power will not only provide a suitable alternative, it 's designed to deliver improved power and performance.

Find out more information about Shell Unleaded E10.

*Based on tests using fuel without additives and may vary by vehicle.