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Shell Fuels

Shell V-Power 98

Shell V-Power 98 is a 98 octane premium unleaded fuel. Developed with Ferrari, it is designed to help enhance everyday driving performance and responsiveness.


Shell Unleaded 95

Shell Unleaded 95 is a 95 octane premium unleaded fuel. It contains the unique Shell Fuel Economy Formula.


Shell Unleaded E10

Shell Unleaded E10 is a 94 octane unleaded fuel and contains 10% ethanol, a renewable fuel component that helps reduce Greenhouse gas emissions.

Shell Unleaded 91

Shell Unleaded (available as Shell Unleaded contains up to 10% ethanol in NSW). Shell Unleaded 91 is a 91 octane unleaded fuel, great for everyday driving.


Shell V-Power Diesel

Introducing our best performance fuel for diesel vehicles. Shell V-Power Diesel is a premium diesel design designed for maximum efficiency and performance.


Shell Diesel

Shell Diesel is a quality diesel suitable for automotive and industrial applications.


Shell AutoGas

Shell AutoGas is a smart alternative to petrol and an economical way to fuel your vehicle.



AdBlue® is a fluid used in heavy-duty diesel engines that utilise Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to help reduce the engine’s exhaust emissions of oxides of nitrogen.


Shell Oils and Lubricants

All Coles Express Stores stock a large range of Shell’s high-quality engine oils and lubricants for your car, motorcycle or boat.

Safety Care. Working Together to Keep you Safe

Your Safety and Fuel Tips

Your safety is important to us, and together we can work to prevent safety incidents. Also check out our 10 step program to help save fuel.